sábado, 20 de maio de 2000

By myself?

As I realize all is in reverse

(Yeah, my life is going backwards)

I find myself away from everyone else

But still I sense happy rewards.

There’s a glimpse of love in the air,

The love for me and the child in you.

Although it may not feel fair…

Being alone is being sometimes true.

Walking around by yourself

Watching the stars glowing in the dark,

Feeling a cool braise touch your chest

Hearing the waves calming that heart…

Yeah, the never resting shrine of emotions,

Then peace will come

To ease the so called loneliness…

Still knowing there’s no magic in sharing,

The one that understands this is lost…

Lost in the forgotten path leading to me.

Waiting feels nice, when you wait to be

Finally free…

Walking around with a friend

Talking about this and that

Standing for each other to the end

Playing together the same act…

All too good to be real…

So I’ll keep on dreaming

While I’m all I can feel…


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