quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 1999

O que me falta

Olho para ti

Sinto a tua essência

Algo em ti sorri

Mas falta-me paciência

Paciência para te descobrir

Paciência para te sentir

Por isso sou incompreensível

Sem querer viver insensível...

Quero fazer algo mais

Gostava de ver diferente

Mas nunca seremos iguais

Pois o meu ser mente...

Não camuflo sentimentos

Não quero magoar ninguém

No entanto, meus instrumentos

Pedem por compreensão d’alguém.

You’re never alone

Imagine the empty

Imagine the dark

Imagine there’s nothing

Apart from your heart.

If you were alone

In your bare nakedness

You would have no one

To share your sadness.

You wouldn’t be able

To compare yourself to

Anyone or anything

Or void will settle in your being.

So when you say that

Your wish is to die

Be aware of the fact

Your wish is a lie…

Never drunk

The bathroom when I’m drunk

Like the mountain to an eremite

Like a temple to a monk

Like a forest to a purist

It’s where faults are sunk

Where replay comes to mind…

Feels like thunder in pure daylight

The moment I realize the impact

Of my actions, when I was autopilot.

Although I can’t change my act

My soul is cleansed by right

In the sanctuary…

The holy bathroom…

quinta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 1999

Blind lady who cries

Blind lady who cries

Can you tell me why…

Only people with lies

Your law can defy?

They lie with words,

They lie with money.

Everything then folds

At their wallet, you stay.

Maybe you can’t save souls,

Maybe there’s no fair way.

I just wanted: the secret

To have justice done.

Although fate isn’t set

I could use just some.

Tired of seeing you still

Tired to see them win

Maybe we forget people feel,

Mostly those who don’t sin…

Still unconsciously I believe

In you or for what you stand

Maybe only me I deceive

Maybe I’m not my friend.