quarta-feira, 12 de agosto de 1998

Take the dark

Light shines up on me,

Up on me, up on you

But the choice isn’t free

The dark we take, it’s true.

Struck by the rumbling sound,

The thunder hits on the ground,

No way we’ll ever escape

The dark we take, it’s fate…

Chance to succeed we find

But all ends in a f***,

Yeah, we must be blind

The dark we take, we’re stuck…

Stuck to the truth,

Stuck to the fate,

Yeah, we’re screwed,

Gotta keep the faith…

The dark we find,

The dark we fight,

Go, nevermind,

Gotta find the light.

segunda-feira, 10 de agosto de 1998

The division

The division lies between,

Between your so called friends

Between the ones who have a sin

And those who society understands…

Stuck in the painful middle,

I can’t help, just give…

Give this shattered soul,

Just to make them live.

Choice is not an option,

Cause I can’t just kill

Those who brig affection

To a man made of steel.

Nothing I can do to ease,

Ease this divided heart,

So I ask them, please…

Don’t ever leave me apart.

I may look like steel,

But one thing makes me ill:

To leave my friends behind

Having no one left to find…

domingo, 9 de agosto de 1998

My precognition

A dream, a vision, a precognition,

From the past, present or future…

No perfect things, just a mission,

A mission to kill what’s untrue…

Untrue feelings,

Untrue words,

Untrue desires…

Leave just what matters.

Killing, to remake the world…

Made a world mine, so right.

Yeah it’s selfish, I don’t care…

Otherwise I had to kill my light.

So I’ll just eliminate…

Untrue feelings…

sábado, 8 de agosto de 1998

Difference, Indifference…

Strangers, they’re strange…

They look opposite,

Although they’re the same,

Despite our repelness…

People say they’re open,

Open to new ideas and people…

How can that be spoken,

When they’re hearts are frozen?

Frozen like glass,

Glass breaks…

Frozen like ice,

Ice melts…

A paradise of emotions,

Thundering affections,

Light throughout darkness,

When the heart melts…

An undiscovered pleasure,

Something you’ll remember,

It will be real and tender,

When resistance breaks…

Braking glass,

Melting ice…

If you don’t do it

Forget your life…

Early days

Sometimes I looked up

And saw the beauty

The beauty of a forgotten

The beauty of a forgotten world

A secret never been told

Where everything was so perfect,

So innocent, so pure, so natural…

Didn’t want to fell wrong.

Wrong as a lie

Wrong as a betrayal

Wrong as feeling cold

In this f****ng new world.

But I couldn’t stay there

Cause I belonged in the shadows

My body was infected

Infected by the society I hated

Infected by the ones I fought…

So I’ll carry on in pain,

Suffering like a caged madman

Crying like an unfeeded baby

I’ll be here

Among you