quarta-feira, 1 de novembro de 2000

Go now, Get around

How can you…

Travel around the world?

Ain’t there enough

Complications to be sold?

As you get old

A million thoughts hit your mind…

An idea dead and true

Comes to get a life…

This prophecy ain’t a myth

Unless evolution is held tight…

Ok… this way you’re free,

Free to go, free to fight…

Go and fight…

Get projection across the seas.

Be alive…

Climb all the difference degrees.

But… Be reasonable…

Does your mind agree

To be pushed while it sleeps?

The more light you absorve,

The clearer you must see.

Be careful around the world…

Are you strong enough to be?


Go and fight,

Get to know all there is…

That’s the life!

You have all the keys…

Oh, man! Wake up now…

Face yourself, your surroundings,

Not as easy as it seems…

So forget the rest…

Be aware and pass personality test,

Or take the easy way…

Become stupid today.

It ain’t that bad,

Nothing will drive you mad…

sexta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2000


I know who I am...

Where I stand…

Can feel my soul,

Can survive my hole…

You’ll always be there,

So I can be fair.

If you’re the one

I’ll be your son…

Cos’ I can’t face myself,

I know my faults

But forget my name.

Can I forgive my pain?

You’re too perfect

For me to be sain…

You’re the mirror…

I don’t deserve.

I’ll look ok

Just when you’re away…

I’ll never lie,

You make truth cry.

You couldn’t care less

While my blood regrets.

Can I forgive my pain?

You’re too perfect

For me to be sane…

I’ll never lie

You make truth cry

You couldn’t care less

While my blood regrets.

This blood ain’t sure,

Everything is a lure…

Right and wrong,

Come to me as a whore…

Can I forgive my pain?

I’m insane!

I’m insane!

Must I kill?

Must I feel?

Am I ill?

Are you real?

What’s my name?

I’m insane…

I’m insane…

sexta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2000

Here am I

Here am I

As I was before

Wanting something more

Forgetting that you get

Nothing but what you give,

That nothing will happen

If you deserve to achieve

What you may call heaven…

Who’s to blame

When I forget this?

Blame me as a product

Of something yet to know…

Maybe that doesn’t flow

To the mind of the living

Maybe this brain needs dough

Made of wisdom and feelings.


terça-feira, 5 de setembro de 2000

Want you back

I just wanted you back,

But you told me that

I could never understand…

I just wanted you back,

Why must I act

Like someone I can’t stand?

You know I’m still a boy,

Who speaks of joy

When tears wash your face…

You know I mean no harm

Don’t be so hard,

I can’t take another stab of fate…

Why can’t you see

I have to be me?

Why can’t you see

I won’t be free?

Remember when we watched

The stars together,

You said this moment

Should last forever.

Can’t forget the look

In your eyes…

They meant that

There were no lies.

I just wanted you back,

Like in the past…

Look me in the eyes.

I just wanted you back,

Please tell me that,

There never were any lies…

What you meant for me,

Was never to be seen…

You can’t ask to touch

What is pure and clean.

sábado, 10 de junho de 2000


Quanto tempo queimado...

quantos pensamentos por ti

causados, tendo sempre desejado

ter-te apenas junto a mim...

Quantos sentimentos despertados

sensações à muito esquecidas

por mim, paixões aprisionadas

esperando em ti ser revividas...

Não peço muito de ninguém...

tenho medo de agora o fazer.

não quero apenas que haja quem

tenha medo de viver...

Não sei o que sentes por mim

tão pouco o que já sinto por ti

mas sei o que é o amor

e que pode nascer assim...

Não tenhas medo de viver

e deixa-me ser teu

até ao fim...