sexta-feira, 2 de abril de 1999

New teen spirit

Classes bore all week,

Same people walk the street…

To success gotta work hard

Won’t work, cause I’m too lard…

Wake weekdays half asleep,

Slap myself n’ take a leak

Wondering if I can spend

These days alive till weekend…

I’m living my day’s half dead

Wasting my joy in a bottomless pit

But let me live till Saturday

To die with fears out of my way…

Is this how hopes die,

When even days can’t help by?

Is this how fears grow,

When self-esteem is extremely low?

Teachers still throw me knives,

My friends have no self-lives…

And girls just don’t understand

They have to wait till weekend…

Don’t expect me to speak to you

I only speak when I choose to…

Don’t expect me to be your friend

Cause there’s people I can’t stand

Don’t expect me to help anymore

If you f*** something I adore…

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